The Fujiwara brand plays a part in the daily routine of workers all across the country through its personal protective equipment. The brand incorporates Brazil Safety Brands’ (BSB) portfolio and has high praise in the sector of Safety & Health at Work.

The concept “Safety drives us” translates Fujiwara’s brand mission, which is to invest in comfort with innovative materials and distinct design. So that each user may pass through the workday with maximum protection and welfare the brand stays in tune with the needs and expectations of its public, following up the ever-changing world. Around 25 segments are currently covered by 13 series of products among safety footwear and impermeable boots.

Protecting the environment is also one of Fujiwara’s concerns. To ensure the preservation of the natural resources in a sustainable way BSB acts in compliance with ISO 14001 standards. For this reason, its products are accredited by several certifications that prove their quality and credibility, making of BSB a reference in the market of Personal Protection.

Consolidated in 2008, BSB – Brazil Safety Brands – incorporates the brands Bracol, Fujiwara, Worksafe, Ecoboots, Motosafe and Steelflex among its assets. Considered one of Latin America’s biggest companies in the production, import and sales of Personal Protective Equipment, BSB operates in the segments of feet protection, hand protection, fall arrest and head protection.

With a production capacity of 23 million pairs a year, including safety footwear and impermeable boots, the company has five industrial plants and is recognized in domestic and foreign markets for the quality of its products and services offered toward health and safety in the workplace.

Mission, vision and values

Developing and providing innovative solutions in occupational health and safety, contributing to the well – being of people and reducing risk to life.

To be the sales leader in the markets which it’s based in and recognized by the quality of its brands, products and services aimed at the worker’s health and safety.

SIMPLICITY and TRANSPARENCY in the actions, relationships and attitudes.
QUALITY in everything we produce and EXCELLENCE in how we do it.
RESPECT and ETHICS in dealing with people.
FOCUS on results.
RESPONSIBILTY with the future.

selo-iso-9001ISO 9001
To be aware of the quality is one of BSB’s premises and its main factor of success. Therefore, Fujiwara brand has been certified by official certification bodies and the Ministry of Labor ensuring that the worker is wearing a high end PPE that has been tested and certified. Since 2005 the company has got ISO 9001 certification, an international standard that attests its Quality Management System assuring that processes, products and services are in compliance with the established standards and intend to seek the continuous improvement. In this manner we offer to our customers the confidence of acquiring quality products while we confide being on the right way.



selo-iso-14001ISO 14001
Fujiwara follows BSB’s Environmental Policy and reinforces its rule as a brand responsible for environmental issues. In 2009 the company was the first safety footwear manufacturer in Brazil to obtain ISO 14001 certification, a seal that attests companies who comply with conscious ways of using resources and their proper disposal in nature. These cautions, including waste reduction its intelligent use, contribute to the environmental protection while being recognized worldwide as a way of balancing costs, reducing risks and enhancing performance.



Fujiwara’s safety footwear have been granted the IBTeC Comfort Seal from the Brazilian Technologic Institute of Leather Shoes and Artifacts, a referential institution in testing. Therefore, the customer can be sure about acquiring a product that complies with the highest comfort requirements defined by the standards ensuring more ergonomics, lightness, resistance, performance and design.