Leather or Microfiber Shoes

Besides being protected and safe the worker also needs to feel comfortable. Fujiwara’s Leather and Microfiber series deliver them all: modern design and a vast range of models that suit all kinds of activities as synonym of protection for every occasion. Find out the model that best suits you here.

Safety Gloves

Fujiwara also produces specific products aimed to protect the workers’ hands by applying the same technological level seen on its shoes. Find more about these gloves that offer maximum safety, protection and comfort.

Slip-resistant shoes

With slip-resistant soles, Fujiwara’s slip-resistant shoes are the only ones in the market made out of TRP-EXP plastic. Besides being much lighter they can also be sterilized for a longer period with no damage. Get to know more about this technology here.

Waterproof Boots

Fujiwara’s series of PVC boots provide a wide size range and are the right choice for environments with high liquid presence, chemical agents and food residues. Get to know all models here.